HostingSource, Inc. is a leading hosting provider, offering reliable, scalable solutions for customers of all sizes and services. We supply all of the servers, software, bandwidth and management tools needed to run almost any web hosted application - from small to enterprise server solutions. We are committed to excellent quality Service. Out staff has over 20 years of experience in the IT field. HostingSource, Inc has access to all the major carriers within the New York and New Jersey area without the need for local loop circuits.

Support is available 24/7 via our support center, and live chat services. All of our support tickets are responded to within one hour, so you can be assured of a timely response and quick resolution to your issue. Our support staff will always make sure to go the extra-mile when it comes to helping you


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Support is available 24/7 52
Competitive Pricing 51
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HostingSource reviews

I've been using hostingsource Ddos protected web hosting to host multiple websites in Europe, including a couple of my clients. They're servers are reliable and fast for their 'shared' hosting classification, and overall everything works great.

Hostingsource customer support team work 24/7 and always ready to help. They helped me with setup. My website was up and running after 15 minutes. Speed connectivity is really good - super fast I must say.

I would just like to tell you what a great service you provide - I am constantly bugging you all; everyone there with questions, but you are always willing to help - and knowledgeable (or at least do some quick research!) on the issues. Hostingsource 24/7 support has always been online, as stated (and I've used it often enough!).

I'd like to add that Hostingsource is trustworthy web host. Their servers are also faster than one would expect for shared hosting, much faster than some other hosts I've used. I have never been aware of any downtime - this is a great plus for their team of experts. Look no further - this host gets Double Thumbs!

HostingSource features have certainly gotten better and they now offer a lot more for the same price (visit their website and you'll see what I mean). I have seen the addition of more and more servers to keep up with demand.

Good service, I am pleased to deal with HostingSource provider. The pricing was also very affordable and was able to pick the right plan for my necessary requirement.

They are always willing to take that extra step. I really recommend HostingSource SSD VPS hosting. I will update my review in future, but thus far my experience has been thoroughly positive.

I chose HostingSource hosting service about 5 months ago and they have been all that I could hope for, with absolutely no problems since we moved to their hosting service. Support are helpful when they can be, as long as they understand the problem.

The hardware is amazing and I didn't personally experience any downtime, except for the couple of times I had to reboot the system after installing extra software (using HostingSource provider's cPanel management panel). They have lots of extra hardware, software and support options for their root servers (at extra cost of course). I have saved hundreds of $ by choosing HostingSource provider compared to going with another web host with some expensively licensed control panel. If you're confident about them, then it's the way to go.

There is plenty of information in advance when server maintenance is required. And I have never experienced downtime outwith maintenance on any of my sites. Very happy with HostingSource provider's dedicated servers so far, been using them for a couple of months and both performance and service have been very good and the pricing is outstanding. Might upgrade to a root server soon and I will definitely stay with them.

They have been fantastic to deal with. I have had customers using other hosts and after pulling my hair out trying to get the basics to work got them to switch over and host through me at HostingSource VPS. There are no hidden traps or fees. Service is excellent and they also have several ways to get customer support, which is also excellent. This web host runs an honest business that treats customers with respect, and this is the most important quality of a web host.

Everything from selecting the hosting package, purchasing a SSL certificate and dealing with various queries, both technical and non technical have been painless and free from any obstacles. Frankly speaking, I was impressed by Hostingsource homepage - they have well-designed web site where all the information are written clearly.

I had used several web hosting providers prior to HostingSource VPS hosting provider. There is no comparison to my other providers. It’s clear that I now pay less, have much faster and personal support (average 3 minutes to get a reply) and have not yet had any downtime that I am aware of.

HostingSource VPS hosting provider has hosted my website for 10 months now. I've never had a time where my site was down The customer service they provide is A exceptional, with support immediately available and able to answer any questions and resolve issues immediately. For anyone looking for a dependable web host with exceptional support and value, I highly recommend HostingSource VPS hosting provider.

I started my first website and I went with HostingSource SSD host as people kept recommending them - a search of google for US customers will highlight them as reliable and they are. A bit of a tricky migration but staff were so amazingly helpful and patient and responses were lightening fast.

I'm happy with Hostingsource hosting service. They are far and away the best. I've gotten very quick and very good response on the few occasions I've needed support. Have to rely on their tech support to set up certain settings, but they are very willing to do so, and they do it promptly upon request.

HostingSource are ROCKS! We host our gamer magazine with them cause the servers are super fast. Their team always ready to support by 24/7/365 - great plus for them, highly recommended. HostingSource gets 5 stars from us!

Glad to deal with Hostingsource US web hosting service. That is the fastest response I have ever experienced in the Hosting Industry LESS THAN 10 Minutes On A Sunday midnight! 24/7 Email support is there when we need it, even in the middle of the night! Skype Support is available during the day light hours and provides a perfect opportunity to get some first hand information and assistance from a friendly voice always ready to help!

I have been completely impressed with Hostingsource service from day one. When other reviewers are cheering about the support, they are not exaggerating. It's the best. You can enter a service request in and most of the time it will be answered within minutes. I frequently ask questions of their support staff on all different topics and they are always patient and helpful.

I am generally very happy with Hostingsource reliable web host. They are excellent. I've had 2 downtime and both of those were fixed fairly rapidly. They're awesome and so extremely helpful to this stay-at-home-Mom who needs support.

I am extremely happy with the tech support, Hostingsource guys rock. Superfast, competent and all my issues were resolved in no-time. Moving to Hostingsource Linux ssd vps in the USA was the best decision ever! Many thanks for your assistance you have helped me resolve this issue. Also I must say your response times and service is fantastic!!

Although there are many organizations online who offer solutions for small businesses, Hostingsource were by far the most professional and have an in-depth understanding of magento Shopping Cart as a specialty. I found working with Steve to be easy, and he was able to understand our requirements and deliver a solution that was exactly what we were looking for. I would recommend Hostingsource to anyone and will definitely be working with the team for many future projects.

Let me drop a few lines of my web host. It is Hosting Source. I have been using their services for several months and I have recently discovered that I haven’t used their support yet. I think that is really a good sign means that I’m getting really good and professional service from them. I hope they will keep doing their best for me.

The control panel seemed a little daunting and techie at first, but it's fine when you get used to it. Overall, very pleased with HostingSource vps hosting service. Great support with fast responses in both live support or through email. My site is almost always up (15 minutes downtime last month - up for about 99.98% of the time).

May I take this opportunity to express my delight with your web hosting services. The Control Panel is excellent and so easy to use. Since uploading my site, I've had no problems at all and highly recommend your services. I don't know how you do it for the price . . . . but glad you do.

All you need is to give a try. Personally I am happy using their services. They have good pricing, fair support - our hosting was actually done by shared, and while their support was generally good. They support php5 and all the php extensions I need. I can create MySQL databases myself through the control panel without authorization.

I have five websites with and I would say that their service is the best service I have ever received from any company. The live chat is great and the response time when you submit tickets are remarkable. Their Control Panel is awesome and really user friendly as well. Keep up the good work.

I have been hosting with for more than 2 months now.
I are completely satisfied with the service they offer. Great Job, guys!
I would highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable host.

I've worked with Hostingsource for almost two months now, and I couldn't be happier. I've worked with a number of other hosting companies, large and small, and none came close to providing the level of service I get with Hostingsource. I finally have peace of mind. And as I grow, I know they will be there to provide me with all the tech support I need. I feel like I have a true partner in Hostingsource. Highly recommend!

Very happy using hostingsource ssd vps hosting services. Right from the start, their commitment to working with us to understand the obstacles to overcome and being available to answer questions made our experience enjoyable. It was truly a comfort to be able to depend on the commitment to a working product and quality of work promised. Hostingsource is both helpful and responsive and I’d recommend them to our partners.

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