Natcoweb Corp. perfectly combines the benefits small hosting companies provide to their customers (individual approach and the utmost care) with the advantages that big corporations have (extensive resources and in-depth expertise in the IT field). Natcoweb phenomenal support and our partners' strong ecosystem allow our clients' businesses to meet a broad range of challenges. Using a collaborative approach in our work we deliver highly scalable on-demand shared, VPS, dedicated hosting and colocation solutions.



Natcoweb reviews

I have been with Natcoweb for small period and I have some short review of their stability, customer services and support.
Sign up process was easy and I think not traditional for nowadays web hosting business.
After submitting payment I didn't get VPS details within few minutes. It took about hour (long time to wait as for me). Looks like they do not have automated setup. They explained that as a measure for customer verification. But everything is great for now.
During the last month of using them I have not experienced any downtime, I had several reboots which were caused my scripts installed there.
Customer service.
Pretty fast, not jet fast. But I believe that is not a must. They have responsive representatives which always reply in polite vein. That is always a pleasure for me to talk to them.
Their support helped me, they installed (setup) bind for DNS, webmail, helped with scripts. BTW they opened me port #25 only on Monday.

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