Here at RapidDedi, we know that running a website smoothly and efficiently is important to our customers. Regardless of the type of website you own, we can help you with high quality hosting. It doesn’t matter whether you’re running an entire business or you just have a website to blog your adventures. We have Virtual Private Servers and Dedicated Servers, so you can choose the perfect option depending on the size of your site. You’ll have a difficult time finding a better deal anywhere on the web!

Apart from great prices, we guarantee 100% uptime for your website and we offer 24/7 technical support. Work on your website at 3am or 3pm and we’ll be on hand to help if you get stuck. And don’t worry if you need to upgrade later on – we’ve got that covered too!


100% Uptime SLA 12 votes
24/7/365 Support  11
1Gbps Dedicated Port  11
Free DDoS Protection 10
Professional management 10


RapidDedi reviews

Rapiddedi server comes with everything needed for quality hosting and I really love how they provide their service. Considering this their prices are definitely reasonable, server is stable and never went down without warning. Support can explain everything quickly even since I am using unmanaged plan. Recommended!

Servers provided by RapidDedi are not just a machine that placed in some datacenter. They are also providing full service with it and I really love that. I am receiving full server management withing my hosting plan and some nice free tools like ddos protection and others.

Every feature provided by RapidDedi within my SSD VPS is truly reliable.
I am getting professionally managed account with support team that have nice skills and quick response time.
Server is always up and avoid any technical issues.
For such quality service I am sure price is low, so I can name their service trustworthy and fair.

I was looking for reliable hosting with professional team that have good management and RapidDedi was best option because of their prices and free features like ddos protection. For now I see that I've made right choice. They are providing totally stable and fast server for me and techies manage it properly. Many thanks, RapidDedi for such a cool service.

I loved how professional their support that was available all the time for me and replied really quickly. Their main and strongest feature is server stability, I am receiving true 100% uptime with no issues. Additional features like ddos protection are also useful and great benefit considering it is free.

RapidDedi offers fair deals, more than affordable pricing, really great features and what is more important - professional technical support. They know what to do and quickly respond on any inquiry. I like any aspect of their hosting and see how they do their best to make customers satisfied. Thanks.

RapidDedi knows well how to provide decent server hosting services. Everything from the very initial contact with sales to now was great experience, their staff was kind and quick, delivered my servers in ease and now I understand their prices are more than reasonable.
Fast, professional, and accurate is how I describe their support guys. I am receiving professional detailed replies on any ticket in 10-20 minutes. All I have to say is for them to keep it up good work.

I really loved how RapidDedi servers work for me. They are providing everything suitable for pleasant hosting experience like control panel, professional management, high stability, performance-oriented hardware and various nice features and tools. Highly recommend!

I am hosting on their servers my apps, databases related to apps and some small websites. By now I have zero complains regarding their uptime or server speed. I have enough knowledge to deal with my soft personally so I have not contacted tech support yet, but sales department guys are fast and that is the main demand for me. Overall experience is more than positive.

I have positive experience with RapidDedi VPS plan that comes with great management included. These guys are courteous, skilled and were available all the time I needed. Also they are providing high stability and really fast speeds. So far I have no complaints on their services and recommend them to all my mates.

My VPS is online for 24/7 and always loading fast because of their powerful servers and SSD. Their prices are more than reasonable and service is really perfect, because they stable server and free management and ddos protection. I even can't believe how lucky I am to find them. Rapiddedi has real cool service.

What can I say: RapidDedi rocks. They are providing not only fast servers, but also great networking that has 1gbit port and 100% uptime SLA. Additionally ddos protection for free is a huge benefit of their service. I love their service and definitely satisfied of using them, because I feel comfortable and know that nothing bad will happen and so far it is true, I haven't experienced any downtime, ddos attack or packet loss. Thanks for your work!

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