We started SupportMonk with a clear goal in mind. To provide the best possible service and not only provide a service suitable for larger hosting companies, but resellers as well. Our unique team, and management infrastructure allows us to maintain a knowledgeable team and maintain prices to accomodate companies no matter the size.

With this in mind, and having the same experience I'm sure most of you have gone through, we set out to create and deliver a support experience like no other. Using management and contacts garnered through multiple years in the hosting industry, we were able to find some of the best minds in the industry which has helped us create a service that provides superior service at a budget price range.

SupportMonk is owned by a registered LLC, and has an office near Seattle. We hire employees locally, and remotelly throughout the world. This combination allows us to deliver quality service, and find the right employees for any job our customers might ask for.

We understand that our support representatives are here to not only resolve your customers issues, but represent your brand and company image. Every technician we hire goes through extensive training and background checks to ensure they deliver a great experience to every one of our customers.

So after having an experience of jumping from different support providers, and having a poor experience but a low price, or a good experience and a high price, we aim to provide the best of both worlds and deliver a cost effective service that aims to deliver the best possible service to your customers.



SupportMonk reviews

I have used them for more than 8 months, they are very good and are pro-active. Customer service and technical skills are awesome. They have a senior team who would be able to handle L4 issues, we had used them in certain emergencies. They are very flexible and pretty reasonable.

I would highly recommend supportmonk to any providers.

I am using management and outsourcing support solutions for several month already and just wanted to express impressions of their work.
I am not able to detect which part of their service is strongest: price, speed or skills.
Their pricing is truly reasonable, I'd say even cheap!
Speed of replies and how fast they can tweak/adjust your server is outstanding.
As for their professional skills: servers are always have latest updates and highest level of protection against hackers, ddos attacks or malicious software.
My clients which are using their assistance via tickets never got outages and always receive help in minutes.
Hope this short overview of their service can help their new customers to define using them.

I am using support outsourcing provided by, completely satisfied with their service. First of all I want to thank both sales and technical staff. I used several support companies and SupportMonk is the only that completely met my needs. Within the
first few hours of dealing with them I felt both comfortable and confident with them. These guys are very friendly, polite and knowledgeable in server administration. They help me and my customers to get all needed server management. Ticket response is 15-20 minutes and they can handle really big number of requests in a highest level of professionalism. There's been times when I've been tearing my hair out and these guys have come to rescue me. Pricing is affordable and worth every penny. Never got slow responses and seems they are truly 24/7 available. So far SupportMonk impressed me with their excellent service and I like the way of they doing business: they not only fix things but also can explain me the issues. I recommend them both to beginners who have no skills and professionals who have no time for server managing.

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