DemonTech is a web hosting company founded in 2005. Back in 2005 we started as an one-man business, mostly as a hobby. Ever since our staff and customer base has been growing, allowing us to provide our customers with even better DemonTech services and support.

DemonTech was founded to provide customers with quality webhosting without the lack of server performance. DemonTech got its name from Demon, which used to be the founder’s online username. Tech was added to make it technology related. This was the born of DemonTech Hosting 7 years ago.

The key to our success lies in the heart of our service, in our hosting plans. Many hosting services claim they can offer “unlimited” resources for their customers. However, all the resources are physically limited. We at DemonTech offer our customers only what we can provide with and thus we do not offer unlimited hosting plans. In other words, we do not “oversell” our resources to keep performance on the maximum level.

You can choose the best plan for your needs from our various plans to ensure you pay only for what you need. You can always extend your bandwidth or disk space in case you believe it will run out too soon.

Many features such as domain privacy, domain name, site builders and cPanel can be expensive elsewhere. offers them for free!

We believe you don’t need any programming or web development experience to get started with your website or online business. Websites are major part of daily life today and we believe everyone should be able to have their own website, no matter of their technical knowledge. We offer our customers simple 1-click application installation to easily get started with WordPress blog, Joomla website, E-Commerce shopping cart and many more! If the application or script is not supported by our system by default, our customer support will manually install it on your server! We also offer free simple-to-use website builder and multilingual support.

Our goal at DemonTech is to provide you with the best possible hosting and customer support for an affordable price. If you ever encounter any problem, you can always contact our 24/7 customer support and our professional team will be glad to assist you!

So what makes DemonTech stand out from other web hosting companies out there? There are many simple answers for that.

• We own our datacenter and are part of a leading CDN (Content Delivery Network) to provide your website with the best possible performance.
• We offer you video tutorials to easily get started with your website.
• All our hosting plans come with unlimited FTP, MySQL and email accounts as well as subdomains.
• Our customers will get a free domain name*!
• Backup your website monthly, weekly or even daily for free!
• DemonTech is verified on Hosting Code of Ethics and we guarantee to serve our customers in a professional and friendly manner.


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DemonTech reviews

My credit was on the poor side and I couldn’t get a house, a car or even a truck for my new business. I Couldn’t get approved for any type of loan until I read a comment about a private hacker online on how he helped some dude fix his credit in the space of 2 Weeks. I gave it a shot and reached out to him and to my surprise he came through. He increased my credit score to 800 and removed all The negative items I had on my credit. :::::: if you have problems on any stuffed like a bank, company, examinations, database, Social media hacks, Email hacks, Phone hacks, Bitcoin hacks, increased Credit score boost to 800, School result upgrading, Binary option funds recovery Instagram, Bitcoin Mining, WhatsApp, Twitter, Monitor your colleague, access your spouse social media, and a lot more. Email: ( ) is what all hosting companies should strive for when it comes to speed, uptime, free tools, unique features. The tools provided are great, but for the prices they charge more could be offered.

Wonderful quick efficient professional service. Good support knowledge.
Price seems very competitive (another reason I went with this provider).
I'll most definitely be giving them my business for a long time into the forseeable future.
Overall, highly recommended. Let's all hope they keep it up...

The reliability that Demontech has is incredible. Ever since I signed up, I have not experienced one single second of downtime. For a shared hosting provider this is incredible.
I can say the support is one of the most important things to look at when selecting a webhost. I'm very impressed with the fast and professional support provided.
Pricing is well-balanaced, their features are unique and free tools are great.
They get an A+ for running their business with a good product and unmatched customer support.

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