GigaPros is a privately held professional web hosting company based at Los Angeles (California). We have been officially launched on Mar-05-2008 and since then, we have been growing steadily. Our main goal is to provide our customers with zero-oversold web hosting services and we guarantee it with a written policy. Just take a look at our Zero Overselling Policy and you will find us as the FIRST provider in the hosting industry, who clearly publishes the shared hosting limits!

We have a very clear and distinct vision about what we want GigaPros to be. Today, as you know, web hosting is a cut-throat industry, with thousands of hosts offering the entire world for just $7/ month!! Even the BIG players do that. But, there's no way any provider can do that without overselling like crazy. They take advantage of your simple human psychology..."Get everything but Pay nothing". Read their terms & conditions and you will immediately realize that you are restricted in so many ways that you would NEVER be able to use those flashy big amount of disk space & bandwidth that were promised to you. If you even dare to do so, you will be kicked out of their server for resource abuse!

At GigaPros, we believe that it's NOT the product or brand or prices that leads to a company's success...but it's all about CUSTOMERS (that's YOU). If we focus on customers & satisfy their needs, our business will build itself! If you have any questions or comments about GigaPros, we would love to hear from you. Feel free to discuss your concerns publicly at our Community Support Forums. Your question will always receive prompt attention it deserves.


Fast Speed Connectivity 672 votes
24/7 Top Notch Support 639
99.99% Network Uptime 634
Cheap pricing 628
Many Useful Scripts 626
Free domains 603
Easy-to-use Control Panel 411
no russian speaking support 76


No russian speaking support 9 votes
No Spanish speaking Sales Representative 8
Web Application Development 5

GigaPros reviews

How do I appreciate for helping me realize I was dealing with the wrong man I called my husband...sleeping with every woman he set his eyes on. Got Cyber Lord email address from a good friend of mine yesterday and today I'm very happy as you can see on my face...he helped me got into my husband Instagram and Whatsapp account without his notice till date I'm able to see all what is going on with his conversations really sad but thankful because I know the stupid man I've been married to for the past 13 years now.

When I contacted them, Gigapros tech support was patient and explained what I would receive. No doubt, it was very hard for me to find such a good web host because all providers are claiming they are the best. I paid via paypal, they helped me with everything I needed. Speed connectivity is pretty fast. Very Good Experience.

My friend recommended me to choose this web host, so I decided to give Gigapros hosting a try. The supported features are much better than my previous web hosts. I do not want to say anything bad about my previous web host but with this provider I have everything done faster, the site loads faster, everything works great. Reliability has been 100%. Well done!

I tried my previous host because they offered a great promotional rate, but after the first three months, my monthly fees almost tripled. With Gigapros shared hosting, I get a great rate, and I never have to worry about surprises. They have great prices, and even offer ways that you can get free hosting. Give them a try, You will not be sorry!

I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host. Great host. There is only one place to go for hosting and it is Gigapros web host. I've been tracking my site with internet monitors and haven't had 1 second of downtime since I signed up for it back in June of 2020 and the speeds are incredible. For the price you get an unbelievable amount of disk space and monthly bandwidth. Happy customer! Thanks.

Great speed, great support, great reliability. I am a complete novice when it comes to web hosting but the guys at Gigapros have been absolutely fantastical. My website now has 99% uptime, and there is never any problem reaching customer service if I have a problem.

I have five domains hosted at Gigapros Basic VPS hosting account and just renewed them for next year after looking around for better deals and, as usual, finding none. Came with OSCommerce and PHP which was a big plus for me. They cost a little bit more than other places, but for the features, and support I get, they are awesome. Just contact them for further details and choose a server that is closer to your website visitors. My sites are online and my visitors are happy.

Well, gigapos website builder seems okay, but I'm going the wordpress route because of the needs of a band website. I'm not knowledgeable enough at this point to really review the web building capabilities, but from what I've read their servers are really good. Professional webhost - recommended.

So far so good experience with Gigapros web host - The initial setup was very easy. I have called them a few times that they have been very responsive. Excellent 24/7 support team, the resolved all my problems quickly. They even helped me to configure my FTP client software. They are taking good care of my website. They are really are there to work with you and solve your problems.

I moved to Gigapros business hosting account after reading reviews and having a terrible experience with my previous host. The knowledge base has enough information for someone like myself to get to grips with things, while their customer service is so good at times I almost feel spoilt, has always been fast in response and informative with problems being resolved in a short time.

I am pleased that I made the change over to Gigapros web host. The availability of both live online support and phone support is fine. The SSH access is a very nice added bonus and allows you to use your hosting as a place to run perl and ruby scripts. You can rely on Gigapros web host, your sites will be in good hands.

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I bought a Linux shared hosting plan ($10/mo) which served my demands. The technical support is very nice. I usually get responses within 15 minutes. They also have support for a lot of extra features that many hosts don't – Magento Commerce in particular. Thank Gigapros provider for a reliable hosting service.

More importantly, though. The customer service that I get through Gigapros has been superb. My questions are always answered thoroughly and promptly (often within an hour). In today's world of here-today, gone-tomorrow online companies, It's so nice to find someone with staying power who takes care of their clients!

I've been able to have my web site to grow with me and my small at-home business, without it costing me an arm and a leg. The customer service is excellent! I expect fast resolution to my requests for assistance and haven't been disappointed when dealing with Gigapros web host... Just contact them directly and see what you'll get exactly.

Before selecting a web host, I did a lot of comparison shopping on the web. I have to say that for the price, Gigapros is one of the best deals I've found online. I get everything I need – lots of web space, unlimited e-mail addresses, MYSQL access, daily statistics and reports, and lots more. Thumbs up!

I've been a customer for over 4 years now with Gigapros web hosting and I have continually been impressed year after year. The great service and great prices have been the reason for recommending it to friends. I wouldn't ever consider going any place else.

After 5 years of hosting several of my websites with Gigapros web hosting, I have nothing but praise for the service. They are always responsive to any questions we have, almost within minutes. I'll and have referred others to them. They are superior to any other web hosting service.

Good work! Being self employed I was very excited to hear about the service where I could build and maintain my own website at a very reasonable price. Gigapros has treated me great. Customer service has been wonderful as well. I can't say enough good about these guys. I recommend Gigapros hosting whenever I can.

A fantastic hosting provider with a clear vision for providing excellent customer service. Gigapros' attention to detail clearly shows throughout the host along with the passion for providing a great service. Thanks for the great service! My tickets were always responded to promptly, no matter what time of day, and the support staff were extremely tolerant of my computer ignorance.

I've been working with Gigapros hosting for a little over a year now and I have to say their customer service is second to none. Every time I have a question or need their assistance I find them to be quick to answer and quick to act. The Support is fantastic... speed of response is second to none! I am extremely happy with the service provided.

They are amazing, on boarding was a breeze. If you asked me to pick a single phrase to capture my experience, I'd say they have been totally reliable. They will often go the extra mile to help out with stuff that isn't really their job. Gigapros is really transparent and timely in communicating about the glitches when they (rarely) happen. Highly recommended.

Really fast answers to technical support tickets. I don't think there might be any questions I have asked that the tech support couldn't help with. Going the extra mile to assist and resolve issues within a few minutes is indeed commendable. So, I have a good time since I've been hosting my websites with Gigapros web host: I have no server crashes or hacker attacks, my site really works good and it costs many resources when users take the videochat, but the performance is every time good.

Highly recommend to all webmasters looking for Drupal, Wordpress, Magento Commerce, Joomla hosting at good rates. I don't know what else I could ask for from Gigapros hosting. Thank you for being there. I hope you continue this way. I use their hosting service to support a professional Web site.

When I contacted techs, Gigapros team explained they were upgrading the servers and the new server was having a problem with some coding on my site. And They figured out the solution and got my site back up within a half hour. This hosting showing very reliable so far. easy to manage and easy to install websites.

The best support team. I had downtime ones while dealing with Gigapros team. I get responses and solutions quicker than I expect. Their servers are really fast. Their service is incredible. I haven't had many VPS accounts but I just can't see how any hosting provider can be any better. Very helpful staff and knowledgeable.

Happy using their wordpress hosting services. Thanks, Gigapros provider! Great value for money and many packages to suit individual needs.

I like Gigapros business hosting account and contacted them - pricing and features suited my needs and budget. It is in my honest opinion the best hosting provider that I have used. I am happy using their hosting services - I am always in touch with their techs. Support is second to none.

I love Gigapros service - it is the #1 host to run video content sites. In addition to good pricing, uptime and support, this web host also provides a very nice control panel with a large list of functions some of which cost extra at other hosting providers. Recommended!

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