GlowHost just might be the best web hosting provider that you may have never heard of. For over a decade, the company's unique approach to web hosting has resulted in an extremely well-oiled machine that has been the invisible backbone for hundreds of thousands of domains worldwide. GlowHost specializes in extremely reliable, affordable web hosting plans for individuals, businesses, and enterprise hosting operations of all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life and nearly every country and continent on the planet.

By the way, GlowHost's in-house Technical Team shares hundreds of years of combined hosting expertise, which is at your disposal day or night, holiday or weekends, 24 hours a day, 365 days per year, holidays included. We maintain top-notch staffing guidelines, and our motto is training, training and more training to provide the best possible hosting experience for our valued customers.

GlowHost takes much of the guesswork out of hosting for our customers because we have tried potential solutions, tested those solutions, and what we ended up with was the best of those solutions in place for virtually any web hosting need. Due to our longevity in the hosting industry, GlowHost has amassed an army of strategic partners that not only offer solutions to common hosting needs, but our volume purchasing relationships that we have established with our vendors allows GlowHost to pass the savings along to our valued customers.

GlowHost uses top of the line hardware, like HP StorageWorks SANs, CISCO switches and routing equipment, Intel Processors, server-grade hard drives and memory modules, and, well, you get the picture. There is no skimping when it comes to the quality of our hardware. We house our hardware in several premium, carrier neutral datacenters across the United States.


24/7/365 Tech Support 158 votes
Fast & Stable US servers 156
99.9% Network Uptime Guarantee 150
Time-tested Web host (since 2002) 149
Professional Hosting for Media 148
Email Support 136
Live Chat 134
Phone Support 132
Ticket Support 129
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GlowHost reviews

I like glowhost web hosting service and highly recommend them to others. As it turned out, the only reason I have contacted support is due to the questions about setting things up (and not due to server issues, as I have not found any yet). Good job.

Literally signed up in the morning and by the afternoon I have full business emails, a website and hosting, and I didn't pay anyone to design it. Happy days! If you're ever in town drinks on me! Glowhost is a good place for hosting any web site. The platform is huge and rapid and does everything we need it to.

Glowhost is good. All my questions were answered accurately and intelligibly. Everything was up and running faster than promised. The price is reasonable, and the support and service make it an even better value. My only regret is that I didn’t come across them sooner! I am looking forward to a long established relationship with your business.

The manner and professional attitude glowhost took when moving our site from a disappointing hosting service to their own servers was refreshing. It took all the headache and pain of having to get our own team to do it. We are a small firm and the value added by doing this for free means a lot to our bottom line.

I have asked glowhost to help me even with issues of my own making, and they have cheerfully and promptly fixed them for me. I unhesitatingly rate them five stars for support, and four and a half for everything else. I am happy and enjoy using this decent hosting service.

I have 8 domains which I needed to transfer quickly and these guys did it without any complaints. I had some struggle with the transfers at first but in the end these guys, Glowhost, they did go the extra mile. Everybody here part of our team is happy and will be happy to give these guys a round of applause for all the hard work, help and dedication to bring the type of service you expect from a hosting provider... Well done guys!

I also got the domain name for my site at a very cheap rate. Everything works well. I am happy with Glowhost web hosting service! support has always been responsive, they do not lock down the server to the point of uselessness, and the connection speeds are much better than my previous host.

If you are looking for a good host, with excellent support and all at reasonable prices then glowhost is the way to go. Servers are stable and my sites are running fast. Their features have certainly gotten better and they now offer a lot more for the same price. Highly recommend them.

I will highly recommend Glowhost web hosting plans. They're easy, friendly and they seem to really care about their clients. Uptime has been 100%. So far, a very happy customer. Performance is Excellent.

I've been a GlowHost customer for the last 4 months and totally satisfied. I found the setup smooth, the templates easy to use and modify and the pricing was great. Everything has been great, easily added a domain with help from tech support, the control panel is very easy to use and I like the free offers you have.

I'm happy using Glowhost Cloud hosting. Their service is outstanding. Great response time and professionalism of their IT help team, any issues I have had have answered and resolved in a matter of minutes from me raising a ticket.

Highly recommend Glowhost web hosting. This decent SSD HOST gets DOUBLE THUMBS UP! Honestly, when I first read reviews here they were all so good I thought they were fake. But from my experience so far I am finding this provider to be what I need. It has excellent customer support.

Highly recommend cheap hosting services. Good set up for ecommerce sites, the cPanel is excellent and choice of shopping karts is varied and very easy to set up. WordPress install and all the basic features you would expect are better than most hosts at this price point. Excellent customer service. I can't rave enough about them.

I have no downtime with Glowhost web hosting at all. I have been with them for more than 4 months and for the time being I haven’t had any Downtime with them. My email (that is very vital for me) works fast. For me, that is enough to be happy and patient.

I had several web hosts and Glowhost helped me a lot with moving my all sites to them and now I have merged account with them and can manage my sites from the one place. Jet fast support, almost 100% uptime and really friendly support guys. I believe I won’t be able to find something better.

One or two little glitches were remedied immediately and they are clearly dedicated to superior customer service. Glowhost offers everything for both the low level user up to the high traffic corporate sites. My site has high traffic and their speed connectivity is really fast.

I am not an expert in web design but found the experience of putting up a site to be much less stressful and complicated than I had expected due to Glowhost's ease of operation and responsive and patient customer service and technical assistance staff.

Response times are not always quick, especially at weekends, but the overall time to solve a problem is good because they don't waste time asking stupid questions. Glowhost guys were able to get me up and running in minutes at 1:30 am. They've always answered me ASAP and were able to set up my webmail account through Horde in a snap, which noone else has been able to do!

The most impressive aspect of this provider is the reaction time for technical queries. Anytime I needed a question answered they provided quick and knowledgeable answer and help. Glowhost hosting package prices also amazed me. The uptime with them is great. Support is great.

I am fully satisfied dealing with Glowhost hosting provider. Uptime is good. And I have never had a problem using the control panel. I have been using them for half of a year now and must say that this experience has been great. Recommended.

One of my friends suggested me dealing with Glowhost web hosting. I looked at their homepage and got to know they offered nice shared hosting solutions along with nice features, free bonuses and the price for them impressed me a lot. So, after several days I contacted them directly, they replied immediately and explained me what hosting solution I should have bought according to my requirements.

They've provided more than what I need. Seriously, i've tried many web hosts and so far, this one has been the BEST! My experience with Glowhost web host has been exceptional in terms of customer support and communications. All questions were answered and not just some of them.

They even have nice scripting extras! I do not care if they are not the cheapest. Think that I found my provider and I hope that will be same good for the next year as well. Glowhost offers a choice of the most common hosting control panels and even installs them for you. Recommended.

I see they are being honest about everything and I appreciate the pro-active stance on security on the server. What I wanted to say that load speed is much faster now. I like it very much. I can say that Glowhost's pricing is so cheap. a great plus for them.

As long as stick to the guns on not overselling the servers, I don't think I'll ever be looking for a new web host. Transferred all my sites to them and no regrets. Their customer service is very helpful and professional. Overall I'm pretty satisfied with them!

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I would be very reluctant to recommend this host to anybody - because I want all the glory for myself! Glowhost team have demonstrated great skills in server and crisis management. They offer 3 types of packages which cater for most. I opted for the middle package as i already had a website ready to transfer and required a certain amount of space and bandwidth.

Believe it or not that something I can appreciate after going through so many hosting providers. Thank glowhost team for providing me with such a professional hosting service based on SSD storage, it is much faster than ordinary hosting.

I highly recommend Glowhost for anybody who wants a reliable, fast, and secure web hosting provider. Never had any unscheduled downtime, my experience with support has been outstanding (and quick), and the Skype is a helpful support option. Pricing is really great for what they offer. Thanks.

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