We offer all the services necessary for a website – we provide web hosting and servers for customer's projects, SSL certificates, domain registration and many more.

The company Host4Biz was founded in 2010 and it started from a single server, a big dream to do something that we love and a desire to implement modern technologies. Now our company has thousands of customers throughout the world. We have been improving from the moment of creation of the company to make our services as reliable, convenient and useful as possible for all our customers.

Host4Biz provides services in several countries: Poland, France, Germany and the USA. You only need to choose the most convenient location for your project and after that it is only the technology matter. We will not make you wait for long, as, for example, our hosting services and VPS servers can be activated in a few minutes.


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Host4Biz reviews

They are professional and helpful in terms of providing Wordpress hosting which is well-supported and cost not much. Thanks a lot.

Host4biz is known to be a wonderful Hosting Co. I have had no problems ever since starting with them. Server Issues have never happened. Never.

I have had no problems with load times or down times either, but I feel that Host4biz’s value really comes from its available support.

They respond almost immediately and provide very clear instructions. When I accidentally bought the wrong plan they without questions fixed my mistake. Very impressed. And satisfied.

I've been with a number of different hosts and I'm very happy with Host4biz. Their servers are fast and their support is very responsive.

It's an amazing experience... The servers are amazing & the speed! Just awesome! I highly recommend to use Host4biz.

Being a client of host4biz, I dare say I have never faced any issues like downtime or something like that. Use them with no doubts.

They are good for Wordpress blogging. There are all necessary features for that at Host4biz.

They are the best hosting provider I have eve bought, ever! Quick loading, good support, etc.. 1000% recommended!!!!

Unparalleled services and they have an excellent customer service that exceeded my expectations. Thanks a lot.

Fair pricing, solid uptime, and all the features we need (although we’re not that complicated of a business) are in host4biz’ plans.

Host4biz support resolves the issue within about a day. I am very satisfied with Host4biz for my web hosting service provider!

The company’s employees are very responsive to any requests or concerns. I’ve used them for one site or another over the last several years and rarely have an issue.

The timely support, the clean interface, the numerous help from host4biz are attractive features for me.

Everything works well. Their support people have always enthusiastically helped me with my needs.

I’m only new to Host4biz. Having said that, they just completed my site/domain/email migration and it all went without a hitch. Thanks.

I'm a successful customer of Host4biz. Have had very few issues and they resolved each one quickly and without fuss. Also went above and beyond helping me with things I should have known but didn't.

I moved to Host4biz as they are a combination reliability, server stability, high uptime and quality support.

I have had my web site hosted by Host4biz for over three years and only had to open Support Tickets twice. Both issues were resolved the same day, the second one within an hour.

Moving hosts and name servers and 3rd party email so complicated process. Excellent customer support made it about as easy as it could possibly be.

My experience is good. They are easy to get a hold of for support. They have got their act together. Always available for support, friendly prices, websites are always online. I sincerely hope they keep up the good work.

This company has provided top notch services and have shown me that they are here to make the life of their customers easier. Servers are rock-solid and stable around the clock.

I’m glad I tried this service. I cannot be happier as the performance of these servers are beyond amazing!

Fast, easy and best of all the support Should be rated BEST. Hosting without first class support is unacceptable, I won't host my clients websites anywhere else.

I love working with the people at host4biz, their replies are prompt, courteous and knowledgeable. They are available 24/7 and were able to solve an issue for me on a Sunday night. Keep up the good work!

Support team is friendly and accommodating - if there are issues that they can't resolve, they escalate it until the problem is solved. I don’t have to wait for a long while.

Great hosting service, secure server and customer service ALWAYS responds within 15 – 20 minutes. No problems yet.

I have had my website and other clients' websites hosted with various providers. However, when I moved my site and a couple clients' sites to host4biz, all of our issues went out the window. The full process from signing up to customer service is always detail oriented and runs very smoothly. When I have had a question or needed help, I have had quick responses with host4biz support ticket system.

Before signing up with them, I called and spoke with a rep about my needs. He walked me through each step and explained well enough that I could understand. (I've not dealt with a website much). After purchasing, because of not having a lot of knowledge about Plesk and installing WordPress, they walked me through that too. I certainly would recommend this company. Easy to deal with.

I found host4biz is the best solutions if you are looking for better web performance and support they deserve more then 5 start . Just love their support and fall in love with the web performance.

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