KoDDoS was created by two of the most experienced individuals on the net in the area of ddos, security, hosting and high risk hosting. The company was founded in 2009.

KoDDoS is a premium hosting service that specializes in high end hosting. We utilize the latest technologies and high end hardware to provide an environment where your webpages will be served at the fastest possible speed while providing security against DDoS and other attacks. We are ready to provide highest level of services for our customers. Our equipment along with servers are located in Holland which is an additional guarantee of quality.

We are fully confident in our operations and technicians. There is nothing we have not seen, experienced and dealt with in our line of work, we are prepared for any situation that may arise. Apart from premium service, we have state of art DDoS mitigation systems with multiple layer of attack filtering. Our customer friendly representatives are 24/7 available on Live chat.


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Domain Names and SSL Certificates  49
Hong Kong Web Hosting 48
Server Management 47
Medium & High Risk Web Hosting  46
Offshore Shared, VPS, Reseller and Dedicated 46
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Koddos reviews

Perfect features, quality support, fast server is what i got with Koddos so how can anyone turn down that kind of offer. Best hosting services in my opinion. These people are really helpful when one talks of customer service. Prompt and non technical reply is their forte.

Services provided by koddos web hosting are great. We have been a customer for 3 months. Support and Billing questions get answered quickly. I have primarily used their support desk for help although I have contacted their tech support guy via MSN as well as calling them when I was not near a computer and they have always been very helpful.

The services that Koddos offers are really excellent and cheap. I have been with them for a little over a year now, and the service is as excellent today as it was the day I signed up. Impeccable support, yes on weekends too, fast servers and very well priced. I recommend their ssd hosting service to others.

As a customer of Koddos.net offshore vps hosting provider, I am particularly fortunate to have a reliable website host, as well as a support team that is 24/7 available to timely answer all questions no matter how insignificant. Upgrades are reasonably priced and if you start using multiple services with them the prices tend to drop.

I haven't had a second thought or worry about my service since coming to Koddos offshore server hosting account. What impressed me more is that I have never had any downtime - this pretty good. I should also mention that the price is really cheap for ssd web hosting plans and I am also really happy with the availability of the features that I can simply install from cPanel control panel. During the initial months of setting up my websites, the customer support was very handy.

I strongly believe that Koddos web host will be suitable for any kind of business - highly recommend them. They have great polite staff and that is why I was pleased to communicate with them. That's to consider stable work of their offshore web hosting service. I really appreciate all the work they did for me and wanna thank them.

Koddos offshore VPS hosting is fantastic! They manage the servers - this is what I like. I applaud the technical support. 24/7 MSN support is there when we need it, even in the middle of the night! Today I must admit that it had all the configuration options that were really needed. I miss anything that would be a one-click installation of PhpBB or some other good forum software.

Don't look any further - if they come cheaper you will never get this level of support. The best thing about Koddos is the tech customer support. It shows they aren’t afraid of their customers talking (as they’re always so happy), it’s a really helpful team. I can express the point that it is a very fair and honest host. They offer fast hosting, that always online.

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Email: cyber.lord1010@gmail.com

WhatsApp/Text: +1(510)6715729

In my opinion there is not better host than Koddos offshore VPS hosting, with the same price I mean. Great host, pricing is average, but support is the best I have seen, goes out of their way to make sure everything is working just right for you.

Patience to help you with dumb problems etc... I would recommend Koddos Offshore Hosting to anyone at this point. The ticket support has always been very helpful. They are always available for my questions and they are quick to respond. The admin interface is great, webmail works perfectly, and mail is quick to connect and download emails into OE. Well done!

Can recommend Koddos offshore hosting to all webmasters or newbies looking for reliable and professional host. One of the best things from this decent host is the impressive, fast and very professional guaranteed 24/7 support, within one hour, guaranteed - I never wait for more that 10 minutes for a response. This is true! The control panel system is absolutely fantastic. Satisfied.

l am one of the Victims. At first, the software seemed to be really professional and authentic. I found many favourable reviews about its performance and delivered results. So, I decided to invest in it and try to achieve success in the online trading sphere. Soon, I realized that the software was swallowing all my investments. Brokers are nothing more than a dangerous and fraudulent platform. I invested over $ 140,000 and couldn't withdraw my money, months passed and still nothing. So, I reached out to Wizard Charles to help me recover my funds, I have been able to recover $ 100,000 and the remaining $ 40,000 is in progress. I really can't tell how happy I am. Contact her via email. ( contact@wizardcharlesgrouphackers. com )

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They are simply great! Can add that koddos network uptime is great - 99.9% guarantee is correct - I am very glad. I am sure you know what I mean... ...Not only did tech support answer my ticket this weekend regarding a problem I had transferring and setting up my domain, they went back and checked again on their own to see if I got my site up and running....WOW! I am impressed!

My business started small with Koddos web host, but I am certain that its reliability is one of the factors that have made my business bigger. The servers are very fast. cPanel is great and easy to use. Almost every domain have the same features, designs and purity. The only difference between the domain hosts are their prices. Some are high, some are low. It doesn’t really matter, though. Because the important thing is that like koddos, it will be worth every penny.

To me the hosting experience with Koddos is more personal and that extra level of service is easily worth the few extra bucks. I raised lots of tickets as I had never moved hosts before and needed some help. The response times are lightning fast. These guys are the best out there, they offer great services, and customer support. Their tools are great. Keep Up the Good Work, Guys!

I host multiple sites with Koddos VPS hosting in Hong Kong. The server speeds and reliability are excellent. The range of extra services is first class and the support on resolving any issues is patient and knowledgeable. The server is stable and always 100% available! They're all extremely knowledgeable and easily understands my geeky techno terms. Never ever had to use their phone service because the live chat is sooo amazing. I absolutely love Koddos hosting and I recommend it to all of my customers, friends and family.

Great work, koddos team. My site has been upgraded to the latest version of phpbb plus phpbb security mod. Support always willing to answer any questions with a quick response time. I have been in touch with support department constantly, because one day I needed full rebut, another day I need help with installation needed stuff etc. They have always been fast to respond. Uptime – no downtime so far. Really satisfied!

Our web designer suggested Koddos offshore server in Hong Kong and we're very glad that he did. Everything from selecting the hosting package, purchasing a SSL certificate and dealing with various queries, both technical and non technical have been painless and free from any obstacles. The service is instant and every query I have had they have answered them super fast. Thats why I don't mind going with this provider compared to cheaper alternatives- reliability pure and simple and the service is simply so much better.

Great web host to deal with. I've only ever had to contact customer support twice for technical issues. Both times the response was prompt and fixed my issue right away. I've found Koddos Offshore VPS to be an exceptional bargain and very easy to use. I have been rather inert in actually getting my site back online in a fully functional capacity, my dealings with them have been top notch, and I have been very pleased with fast, personable, and affordable service. Your sites will be in good hands, dudes. Personally I'm fully-satisfied customer.

Excellent support, excellent response time...I would highly recommend Koddos Offshore VPS solutions. Network and server Uptime seem to be 99.999%. No hidden fees or surprises, very reliable service. I use it for my own web sites and for clients. I don't hesitate to recommend them because I have a lot of confidence in their operation. I don't worry about getting embarrassed by the service. Double Thumbs up!

Great satisfaction and reliability. There is no denying the fact that Koddos offshore service has been excellent and top notice thus far. We love the speed of the site, the uptime, the support when needed and the features. Besides, a great plus is that they offer multiple locations choice. Uptime is perfect. I am so glad and will continue using their service.

I'm glad to deal with Koddos Offshore VPS hosting in Netherlands. They always load fast and I live in Europe with dial-up. I did have one little moment of panic when my sites were off-line for a few minutes, but that was soon resolved and I was kept informed at all times about what was going on. If you log on to their site you get an ad page before you get to the page you want but there is always a continue button and I can live with it for the value. Very reliable.

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I have had to use most of popular hosting solutions available. They're alright but Koddos offshore VPS hosting makes them look really cool. There is just no comparison. They all have a very positive, client-oriented attitude and give extraordinary service. Koddos is the most professional hosting solution on the World Wide Web. Thanks!

I could not have succeeded without Koddos Offshore VPS Hosting's technical support staff. Happy using their web hosting service. Their control panel is simple and clear and works just fine. Koddos offer a choice of the most common hosting control panels and even installs them for you. I chose a free one, it's well-organized and user-friendly and easy to navigate.

I highly recommend Koddos offshore VPS hosting service! They are top notch. I have never had a problem with uptime, but my sites are low-traffic. Their reliability has exceeded my expectations. You can submit support tickets easily right from the dashboard, and choose the level of severity of your issue. You know, guys, it makes me feel confident that my website is in good and reliable hands!

I really appreciate all the work Koddos did for me and wanna thank them. It took some research, viewing various places and participating on forums over at least a couple of months, reading various subjects, what staff of various hosts where saying etc. Koddos has fast offshore servers, my sites are running fast. It's rated at the top of my list for a satisfying experience. Their support is very friendly and they answer quickly. Greatly Recommended!

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