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misterhost reviews

I have been a Misterhost.net user for almost 3 years now. Misterhost has consistently provided outstanding tech support. I would absolutely recommend them to my friends.

They are polite, fast, professional and offer unbeatable price!
Uptime seems to be 100%. 10/10 for these guys.

Truly great service, instant support with the right answers. They're the best. I've recommended them to several developers who also love them. Uptime is good and customer service is excellent.

The best support I have ever found. Price: cheap. I recommend you try it if you are looking for a good hosting plan with high uptime!

Services are really very impressive. After using the services I am fully satisfied. Within this period, there were some problem and I open tickets also, but you can believe, within an hour I got solution of my problem. I never saw this type of fast response, really very professional and attractive type of service.

Want to say that their services are good enough for most of the sites that you might think of. The pricing is also good. I think I'll just stay with the company.

I have been with this hosting provider for about 6 months now. The uptime is great, and haven't encounter any problem with them. Would be a great choice to host websites and run a few personal project.

I have had a great experience so far with this company. They have been very helpful to us whenever we need support and it’s been a great experience working with them. Good work.

I really like the clear and intuitive interface of misterhost.net. Their support has been really helpful and fast, always solved my problems and explained very clearly. Couldn't be more satisfied.

These guys are just simply awesome. You know when you get the best kind of treatment but just don't know how to explain it.That's misterhost.net!

I'm pretty happy with these guys. They respond to my inquiries within a timely manner. For the price, they are cheap.

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I am a client of Misterhost, I have used their reseller services which are full-featured and well-supported for me. Their tech staff is skillful and troubleshooting and they know their work well and they are online for 24 hours. Prices are affordable for me and I have got a 20% discount (20OFF) while signing up with them.
Reliable host to have a deal with. Many thanks.

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