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Servermania reviews

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I do consider that this host rocks because since day one, I have been able to receive almost instantaneous support for all sorts of questions that I had to them. They are knowledgeable and helpful for me.

Well from the moment I first started with ServerMania, I knew I had made the right choice. They helped me in migrating my website to them. They made the transfer easy, and I got it done the right way on the first try. And I've felt their help around the clock since that time. If you value a real service and real support, then there is no better choice than ServerMania.

ServerMania is the best hosting website I have ever used. I am a professional web developer and I create many websites daily but the hosting services ServerMania provides no one else have provided before. 5 stars to ServerMania.

I am new customer of ServerMania and I needed very specific VPS service without all limits to work with it and only ServerMania provided it to me.
So I am very satisfied with the service.

Well words are not enough to describe how happy I am that I joined this big family here.
I was in many other hosting companies maybe their service/products were 3/5 but their support was 0/5 and I hate it.
Even if we know how to fix that, we didn't had access to do it. So they would charge us just for that stuffs. Anyway.
ServerMania fills our needs for products/pricing is 5/5 its not expensive and its amazing.
About Support I never saw and would never see this kind of support, 10/5 :)
I definitely suggest anyone that is reading this review to join this Big Happy Company that would give you amazing service/support.

I am delighted with ServerMania. I am a small business owner, author, and co-founder of a non-profit.
After a bad experience hiring a programmer who used Joomla I transferred my site to ServerMania.
With ServerMania my calls are answered and I have been patiently provided with the assistance needed to learn how to manage my sites and get them to do what I want. I have called many times and received great help from people who speak a language it is easy for me to understand-- English.
I feel confident in my ability to get help when needed at ServerMania based on the help I have received so far.

As a business man, website is a must have one. After switching a lot of hosts, finally joined ServerMania. Everything was easy, in a matter of minutes all of my website is transferred to the new one. I learned what you pay is what you get, but here in ServerMania you get a lot more than you imagine. The support is better within just 1 hour, I get reply regarding issues. #Rocks

Server Mania provide an excellent service service in all respects. This includes: (1) a high-spec infrastructure with many extra features bundled into the contract (eg automatic server-based backup, anti-virus protection, etc); (2) superb technical support accessible/delivered in a number of ways (eg high quality self-service knowledge base, online chat & a real person helpline); (3) support staff who are responsive, knowledgeable & patient; (4) efficient billing support in resolving issues (eg moving domain billing between accounts); and (5) good value-for-money for a quality product. In fact Sever Mania's service has been so consistently good over that last time I have moved my company's web services account to them.

ServerMania is the best web hosting service, bar none. They led me gently through migrating my domain from another carrier. Ever since, the ServerMania team has been immediately accessible via phone 24/7. Prices are low.

ServerMania rocks:
1. speedy servers
2. very responsive sales and support team
3. features are not too restrictive (like max upload file size)
4. competitive price...
So far I am very glad I switched over.

Hi all,
I think this is the better choice than others because they win confidence of their customers. Some days ago me and my brother decided to take hosting services of ServerMania for our blogs. Today I think that was a superb decision I have ever made. ServerMania's dealing with us is unique. They look after of every website which they host. their trained staff, 24/7 services, money back gurantee and one click install is really great. I want to salute this hosting company. I have not enough knowledge of website building but my favorite ServerMania makes it simple and interesting for me. There prices are low from market with 100 percent satisfaction. they are not new in market. ServerMania is a back-bone for my blog. I think it is fantastic for all type of websites but it is superb for my blog. Last but not least it is a complete hosting solution for online world.

You guys ROCK because you are so helpful and have great communications. Great support. Really fast, polite and with the right knowledge. Even in weekends and in the evenings they are ready to help you. So much better than my previous host. Really super value for money. Keep up the good work!

Being a webmaster, I've worked with several web hosting companies, but ServerMania is the best host I've come in contact with, and used. I highly recommend ServerMania to all.

ServerMania is the best web hosting service, bar none. They helped me much in fixing tech problems. Ever since, the ServerMania team has been immediately accessible via phone 24/7. They provide services at an extremely low price.

I was provided support for one of issue I was facing. I'd similar issues with different Hosting vendor which really wasted lots of my time. This time, I only want to say Fantastic support. Just because of their support I moved all of my hosting packages towards
Good Work!!!

Their support is great. Really fast, polite and with the right knowledge. Even at weekends and in the evenings they are ready to help you. So much better than my previous host. Really super value for money. Keep up the good work!

ServerMania rocks because I get immediate help when I have a tech support call, I've never waited more than two minutes to get a technician. On top of that they're pretty fast at getting things resolved. Their sales staff is also fast and helped me when I wanted to upgrade an account, they figured out my credit for money paid on an existing plan, and I was in action in about five minutes. They are really perfect!

ServerMania has been great to deal with when it comes to dedicated server and VPS hosting services. I've had a really good experience with them that is why I share my review of them here.
I'm particularly impressed with their online chat when I need support, even late on weekends! Keep up the great work!

When you have found a right host you try to be with it as long as possible.
And ServerMania is such a host. They are worth having a deal with.
Their tech staff is helpful around the clock and prices are competitive.
Just my two cents.

It's not easy to find a right server for my needs but is the one I'm fond of due to their top-notch services which work with neither downtime, nor glitches.
I want to say their servers are as solid as a rock.

I have used server long enough to drop a line about their quality and I dare say it's high.
All works like a clock with them and their prices are rock-bottom. By the way they offer me the ability to fully customize my addons and come standard with a 1 Gbps network port.
+100 to them.

I have used hosting services from this host and like the way they provide their services.
Their tech staff is active any time I contact them, no matter if it is a holiday or not. Servers are solid and their uptime is high.
I appreciate their hosting services.

I have been using Servermania for some period of time and now I’m ready to share some of my thoughts with you!
First of all I like their support. If I have a question or issue - it takes them 4-6 mins to solve it. That is really fast!
Second. Their prices are not high at all but at the same time they are not cheap.
Third. No downtime. Maybe sometimes that happens, but I have never faced that yet.
So 3 big pluses mentioned above do make me think that I’m with a right host!

I had used several web hosting providers prior to Servermania. There is no comparison to my other providers. It’s clear that I now pay less, have much faster and personal support (average 3 minutes to get a reply) and have not yet had any downtime that I am aware of. They are the first web hosting provider that I can honestly recommend.

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